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Jurnal Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak

Berikut adalah judul-judul jurnal yang diunduh sebagai tugas mata kuliah Rekayasa Perangkat lunak kelompok satu “Software Requirements” dengan sub tema “Software Requirements Specifications”:

  1. Intent Specifications: An Approach to Building Human-Centered Specifications
  2. Expert Estimation of Web-Development Projects: Are Software Professionals in Technical Roles More Optimistic Than Those in Non-Technical Roles?
  3. Scenario-Based Assessment of Nonfunctional Requirements
  4. The Model Multiplicity Problem: Experimenting with Real-Time Specification Methods
  5. Foundations of Sequence-Based Software Specidication
  6. Investigating the Role of Use Cases in the Construction of Class Diagrams
  7. Specifying Timing Constraints and Composite Events: An Application in the Design of Electronic Brokerages
  8. An Interval Logic for Real-Time System Specification
  9. Handling Obstacles in Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering
  10. An Extended Replication of an Experiment for Assessing Methods for Software Requirements Inspections
  12. DECOR: A Method for the Specificationand Detection of Code and Design Smells

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